Permanent Observatory on Personal Injury Damages

One of our main, and most traditional, research line is the one related to personal injury damages compensation. Europe has experimented dramatic changes on the ground of qualification and quantification of heads of damages. In the last 20 years, we studied these issues with interdisciplinary approaches (including forensic science, economists and other scientists), stimulating the debate on legislative reforms and impacting on the jurisprudence. On the solid bases of such a long experience, we have established a “Permanent Observatory on Personal Injury Damages”, where we monitor damage compensation awards and the relative trends emerging from case-law analysis, working in close cooperation with judges, lawyers, medical-doctors and data scientists.

Our Research activities currently refer to:

  • Tort and contractual liability (i.e. medical and health liability, liability in workplaces, road accidents, liability in family relationships, liability for violation of privacy regulations, etc.) analysis from a national and comparative perspectives;
  • Analysis of case-law on personal injury damages under legal and medico-legal grounds, and corresponding consequences on the judicial system and ADRs;
  • Evaluation of the impact of new technologies on prevention and rehabilitation paths and the related implications of policy-making and law-making on business and organizational processes.

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Denise Amram


  • Predictive Jurisprudence

  • La responsabilité et les garanties du vendeur, project coordinated by Université Catholique de Louvain and Université Panthèon-Sorbonne Paris 1, coordinated by P. Wéry and P. Jourdain

  • European Group of Tort Law

Didactic activities, seminars, and events

  • The dialogues of the Observatory on personal injury

  • Introduction to predictive jurisprudence