G5SOSIA – 5G-enabled SOS Intelligent Assistant

When first aid or immediate primary care is required, it is essential that first rescuers, even private citizens, and emergency service personnel are equipped with everything they need to reduce access time (to the emergency operator) and admission time, and to promptly personalize the effective primary care of both unknown and conscienceless patient. The connectivity and the features provided by the fifth generation of mobile communication (5G) have got the potentials to drastically improve both the first aid and patient primary care. In fact it includes functionalities by which a large amount of data can be reliably transmitted and quickly elaborated.
The objective of the 5G-enabled SOS Intelligent Assistant (SOSIA) is to provide an innovative system for improving not only the emergency response but also the personalized healthcare delivery to patient. The envisioned system is based on novel device for assisting emergency first rescuer and on an artificial intelligence based patient dispatching in the emergency centers. The project is conducted with interdisciplinar activities of the partners, which will design and implement innovative technologies-based solutions for problems of healthcare management.
The research team based at the Dirpolis Institute is in charge to analyse the ethical and legal framework applicable to the envisaged research activities, with specific reference to liability for, and  the management of risks related to technology, health and data protection, in order to ensure that devices and systems are compliant with national statutes and EU Regulations.
The analysis, the evaluation and guidelines defined by the project could be part of a framework applicable also to other current issues in e-health data management.