Family Law

Considering the prestigious tradition on Family Law developed at the Sant’Anna School, our research, teaching and third mission activities focus on the most recent debates concerning family relationships and children’s protection in a national, European, and comparative perspective.

Research expertise currently refer to:

  • Children’s rights and protection (also in the digital environment)
  • Family models and welfare
  • Remedies and solidarity mechanisms (intra-family tort liability, maintenance and alimony).



In the framework of CURA one Call for a research grant is openChildren as Vulnerable User”

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  • Tender for Consultancy services for the implementation of the Council of Europe Strategy for the Rights of the Child, (PI Denise Amram)

(2022- 2027)

  • Consultancy services on Artificial Intelligence in the framework of activities of the Education Department of the Council of Europe (PI Denise Amram) Consortium together with IMT Lucca (IMT Unit – Fabio Pinelli).

(2023-2025 )

  • CPDP 2021 Panel “Children’s Rights in the Digital Environment: Risks, Opportunities, and Responsibilities”.

  • Predictive Jurisprudence