Eraclito: Cybersecurity National Perimeter (PSNC)

DL No. 105/2019, converted, with amendments, by l. 133/2019, regulates the so-called National Cyber Security Perimeter (in italian PSNC). Its purpose is to contribute to national cybersecurity by protecting networks, information systems, computer services of public administrations, public and private entities and operators having a seat in the Italian territory on which depend functions or services that are essential for the State and for the maintenance of civil, social or economic activities fundamental to the interests of the State. The DL refers to two subsequent implementing decrees: DPCM 131/2020, and DPCM 81/2021. Both DPCMs place cybersecurity obligations on the PSNC subject: including methods of cyber risk analysis and management, specific liabilities and contractual rules, management and notification obligations to the Italian CSIRT regarding cyber incidents, and the implementation of measures to ensure high level of cybersecurity of its ICT assets. In this regulatory framework, the ERACLITO project aims at examining the state of the art on the cybersecurity areas identified by the PSNC, verifying the level of maturity achieved in terms of approaches, methodologies, models and techniques present in the literature, in order to identify the best practices and the technological solutions that are best suited to the different types of PSNC subjects and necessary for the “compliance” with the regulations in force also in the European and supranational framework. Furthermore, the activities undertaken will be used to devise new approaches, methodologies, models, innovative techniques, solutions and regulatory and institutional architectures.