Professional Ethics  

Professional Ethics can no longer be dealt with a sidelined approach by individual codes of conduct. Recurrent legislative interventions in critical areas – the right to health and the related technologies for instance – suggest both revisiting the traditional self-regulatory approach to codifying ethical principles, and valuing the increasingly public role of professionals. The constant reference to collective values, expressed by Constitutions and supranational Charters of Rights, has fueled considerable rethinking to innovate a traditional habit of mere acknowledgement of common practices within each professional category and the search of remedies for sensitive cases issued from within by the same involved category of professionals.
Within this stream of thought, LIDER-Lab intends to explore the interplay between the different deontology in an axiological and comparative perspective able to consider as well the ethics of scientific research.

In order to collect experiences and compare them, to identify possible convergence on common issues in a moment of further fragmentation of the professions, particular attention will be given to researches involving the following professional domains:

  • the legal and forensic area, including accountants and business consultants
  • bio-medical related professions
  • technical and scientific professions.

Avv. David Cerri