The LiderLab of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and EMbeDS are seeking applications from candidates who can make outstanding contributions to the design, development and benchmarking of a Predictive Justice platform.

As part of the activities of the LiderLab and EMbeDS, the Predictive Justice project aims to create the first fully automated environment for the analysis of the judicial system — using the state-of-art of NLP models trained on legal documents. The platform will be used to analyze specific case studies, to create predictive algorithms for reconstructing the underlying legal reasoning, explain the reasoning behind each decision for different stakeholders, identify possible trends/biases, simplify legal tasks and propose reforms of the judicial system based on best practices.

You will work in a highly motived interdisciplinary team (academics, judges, lawyers, startup entrepreneurs), contributing to the development of automated tools for text classification, named entity recognition, anonymization and explainable machine learning in the legal sector.

Successful candidates will have experience in statistics, natural language processing, text mining and machine learning lifecycle management.

The 1-year research contract could be renewed, unfolding in a longer collaboration, and/or lead to a PhD project. Interested individuals should send inquiries to and, including a cover letter motivating their interest and a CV(3-page maximum).


Disclaimer: this is not yet a job vacancy advertisement. Based on the expressions of interest, the Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies will determine whether or not to offer the positions and their number.