SEASONAL SCHOOL DALIDA – DAta, LIability, and Damages

March 4th-8th, 2024

DALIDA Seasonal School aims to develop skills and competence to deal with tort and contractual liabilities and damages compensation, considering the current challenges arising from the application of data science methodologies to case-law analysis and bioengineering solutions to improve the quality of life for injured persons.

Participants could familiarize with the EU data strategy initiatives and their consequences on fundamental rights protection in a comparative perspective, focusing on:

i) the role of digitalisation and predictive tools to assess pecuniary and non-pecuniary losses; ii) new risk management strategies for digital scenarios; iii) AI-based and robotics applications to restore functionalities and reduce the impairments of personal injuries; iv) systematic effects on tort and contractual liability.

The acquired methodologies will complete existing traditional learning approaches to the investigated issues, contributing to develop the next generation of smart professionals (e.g. lawyers, judges, legal and insurance advisors, clinicians, forensic experts, data scientists and software developers, engineers, policy makers, etc).

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